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Welcome to home of the world famous Salmon River Ny!

The Salmon River is known as the Salmon Capital of the East. It offers world class fishing to any and all who wish to try their luck. Every fall thousands and thousands of King and Coho Salmon begin their annual spawning run into Lake Ontario tributaries. The Salmon River has a fish hatchery which ensures good numbers of returning fish year after year. Also, recent years have shown that in the Salmon River and its tributaries, natural reproduction has seen some success.

The fish that return to the Salmon River in the fall will vary in species, numbers and size. The most abundant fish to return to the Salmon River is the King Salmon. Also known as a Chinook Salmon, not only is it the most abundant it is also the biggest fish to run the river. King Salmon from the Salmon River have been known to top the scales at over 40 lbs with many fish in the 20-30 lb range. Along with the big fish there will be some 1 year old fish called jacks. These fish rarely weigh over 10-12 lbs.Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, Pulaski NY
Coho Salmon are less in numbers and in size. The record Coho was caught in the lake near Oswego and weighed over 33lbs. What they lack in size they make up for in fight. Also in the fall, good numbers of Steelhead and Brown Trout enter the river. The Brown Trout are fall spawners. They enter the river to eat the eggs of the spawning salmon and steelhead. Trout of over 22 lbs have been taken during the Salmon run.

Catching these trophy fish requires the right type of tackle and the right technique. I have learned to match the tackle and technique to the conditions which the River provides us. In other words, I can help you catch trophy fish whether it is early or late in the run, or the river is abnormally high or low. Beginning around mid August, the salmon begin to congregate near and in the mouth of the Salmon River. This is when my season begins. I will take clients to the estuary in my drift boat at all hours of the day or night. This type of fishing can be very productive. It is possible to get your limit in a couple of hours. It is easy fishing and you do not need a lot of experience. As the season progresses, salmon start to move into the river. At this point, we may drift down the river stopping at several hot spots until we find good numbers of fish. This fishing is very different from estuary fishing. It requires waders, the ability to wade a river, and to put up with sometimes very crowded conditions. Drawbacks aside, this can be the most exciting fishing experience in your life. When conditions are right, you may hook upwards of 30 fish in a day. These fish will wear you out. I have had several battles that took over 30 minutes to win. It is not uncommon for the battle to require you to either walk up or down river in order to land the fish. These are are tough fish that test the angler and the tackle. THESE ARE TROPHY FISH!


Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, Pulaski NY


Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, Pulaski NY


Fishing Lake Ontario can produce some great Salmon!


Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, Pulaski NY


Summer salmon taken on Lake Ontario.


Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, Pulaski NY


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Shane and Jackie Thomas

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